Sound studio

I have access to my own small studio in the heart of Berlin at any time. This means I can work on your project without any problems or long waiting times.

Benny, my personal sound engineer, keeps a firm hand on the control buttons and ensures that I can concentrate fully on my job during recording. So I’m sure to find the sound that brings your script to life.

Benny makes sure that the audio tracks are finely trimmed and cleaned, ready for the download.


Rooms: Sound booth and director’s room
Microphone: Neumann U87ai
Preamp: Unison Technology UA610 Tube Preamp
Interface: Universal Audio Apollo X4
Studio monitor: Genelec F One Active, Genelec 8010
Software: Pro Tools

Sound Engineer

Benny is responsible for the recording technology. He completed his training as an events technician in the SO36 club 2007. Since then, he has been working as a freelance sound engineer, DJ, event organiser and producer.

When we work together, he takes on (very reliably) all the technical tasks – from recording to the cut to data transfer.

What you want isn’t here?

Not a problem. I work closely with several Berlin sound studios and am happy to hire space in the studio that is right for your project and expectations. Let’s talk it over and see what we can do.